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Magnetico database migrator

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This simple utility will help you to migrate your data from legacy Python version of magneticod to the new Go version which uses new persistence layer.




Important notes:

  • --py-database syntax is similar but not the same. But if you'll use just sqlite3:// schema and path to the database you'll be ok.
  • --go-database you can use the same syntax as used in magneticod CLI interface.

Merging with magneticod-go's PostgreSQL

./magnetico-go-migrator --py-database=sqlite3:///path/to/old/database.sqlite3 --go-database=postgres://username:password@hostname/db_name?port=5432&sslmode=disable

Merging into magneticod-go's Beanstalk

./magnetico-go-migrator --py-database=sqlite3:///path/to/old/database.sqlite3 --go-database=beanstalk://