Magnetico database migrator
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Magnetico database migrator

pipeline status

This simple utility will help you to migrate your data from legacy Python version of magneticod to the new Go version which uses new persistence layer.




Important notes:

  • --py-database syntax is similar but not the same. But if you'll use just sqlite3:// schema and path to the database you'll be ok.
  • --go-database you can use the same syntax as used in magneticod CLI interface.

Merging with magneticod-go's PostgreSQL

./magnetico-go-migrator --py-database=sqlite3:///path/to/old/database.sqlite3 --go-database=postgres://username:password@hostname/db_name?port=5432&sslmode=disable

Merging into magneticod-go's Beanstalk

./magnetico-go-migrator --py-database=sqlite3:///path/to/old/database.sqlite3 --go-database=beanstalk://