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Docker Compose config collection

How to set up?

Basically you need to choose which service you want to run and then create needed .env files from .env.dist template.

# Choose a service
cd folding-at-home
# Copy template
cp .env.dist .env
# edit the config to your preference
nano -w .env
# Create and run containers
docker-compose up -d
# Optional: check the logs
docker-compose logs -f

Some services may require additional configuration. Check for additional files or comments in the docker-compose.yml files or .env.dist templates.

Using a database server on the host from the container

You need to change your database configuration to be able to do that. Check this documentation.

Is it working?

Not every stack is tested to fully work.

App Name Status Image Description Links
ARK Server thmhoag/arkserver ARK: Survival Evolved game server with ArkManager. Website, Steam, Image Github, ArkManager
Drone drone/drone Continuous integration platform. Website, Github, Image
Drone Docker Runner drone/drone-runner-docker CI runner daemon for Docker. Website, Github, Image
Duplicati linuxserver/duplicati Backup solution with many storage backends. Website, Github
Element-web vectorim/element-web Web Matrix client. Website, Github
emby emby/embyserver Media server with online transcoding support. Website
Firefly III Not tested fireflyiii/core Bookkeeping software. Website, Github
Folding@Home johnktims/folding-at-home Protein folding distributed computing platform. Website, My guide
Forgejo Lightweight Git hosting platform. Website, Github
Gatus twinproduction/gatus Advanced service(s) status page. Website, Github
Home Assistant Home automation suite. Website, Github
Homer b4bz/homer Server homepage generator. Github, Demo, Configuration
I2PD purplei2p/i2pd The Invisible Internet router. Website, Github, I2P project
InBucket inbucket/inbucket Testing SMTP/POP3 mail server with web interface. Website, Github
Killing Floor 2 server Abandoned jeeaaasustest/killingfloor2-srv Killing Floor 2 game server.
Lidarr Not tested linuxserver/lidarr Music downloader and manager. Website, Github, Wiki
magnetico-web skobkin/magnetico-web DHT indexer private web search front-end. Git, Git mirror
magnetico-web-telegram skobkin/magnetico-web-telegram-bot Magnetico Web Telegram bot. Bitbucket
magneticod boramalper/magneticod DHT indexing daemon. Website, Github
Matrix Telegram Bridge Telegram bridge for Matrix server Gitlab
Metube alexta69/metube Web GUI for yt-dlp. Github
Murmur (Mumble server) Mumble VoIP server (custom build) Website, Github
Ollama ollama/ollama Toolkit for easily running LLM's locally. Website, Github
Open Streaming Platform deamos/openstreamingplatform Live streaming platform. Website, Gitlab
OpenVPN kylemanna/openvpn OpenVPN server with some management toolkit. Website, Image Github
Owncast gabekangas/owncast Live streaming platform with federation support. Website, Github
Portainer portainer/portainer Docker Container management web UI. Website, Github
Proxy MTProto mtproxy/mtproxy MTProto Telegram proxy. Website, Github
Proxy Socks5 serjs/go-socks5-proxy Simple SOCKS5 proxy. Github
qBittorrent linuxserver/qbittorrent qBittorrent (noX) Website, LinuxServer Fleet
Radarr linuxserver/radarr Movie downloader and manager. Website, Github, Wiki
Redis redis Redis storage server. Website, Github
Shadowsocks Client Shadowsocks client (and SOCKS/HTTP/tunnel server). Website, Github, Configuration
Shinobi shinobisystems/shinobi Shinobi surveillance system Website, Github
Sonarr linuxserver/sonarr TV Shows, series and anime downloader and manager. Website, Github, Wiki
Speedtest adolfintel/speedtest Libre speed test implementation. Website, Github
Synapse matrixdotorg/synapse Matrix reference server written in Python. Website, Github, Installation and configuration
Syncthing linuxserver/syncthing P2P file synchronization daemon. Website, Github
Telegram LLM Bot skobkin/telegram-llm-bot Simple Telegram bot to interact with LLM running in Ollama Forgejo repository
Telegram RSS Bot miroslavsckaya/tg-rss-bot Telegram RSS Bot by @Miroslavsckaya. Gitea, Github Mirror
Tor OBFS4 Bridge thetorproject/obfs4-bridge Tor OBFS4 Bridge for Tor blocking bypass. Website, Gitlab, Manual
Tor Privoxy Tor image with integrated privoxy and OBFS4 bridge support. Original image Github, OBFS4 support image Gitlab
Watchtower containrrr/watchtower Docker container auto-update daemon. Website, Github webhooksite/ HTTP callback testing tool Website, Github