WSComment struct added for test implementation of WS client

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Alexey Skobkin 2017-08-22 02:02:48 +03:00
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package point
// Represents the WebSocket post comment data
type WSComment struct {
"a": "comment",
"files": null,
"to_text": "test",
"author": "skobkin-ru",
"text": "test",
"comment_id": 2,
"to_comment_id": "1",
"html": "<p>test</p>",
"post_id": "ojpot"
A string `json:"a"`
Files []string `json:"files"`
ToText string `json: "to_text"`
Author string `json:"author"`
Text string `json:"text"`
CommentId int `json:"comment_id"`
ToCommentId string `json:"to_comment_id"`
PostId string `json:"post_id"`