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# Create config file
cp config/torrc.dist config/torrc

# Edit config
nano -w config/torrc

# Create ENV file
cp .env.dist .env

# Edit ENV file (if needed)
nano -w .env

# Run services using Docker Compose V1
docker-compose up -d

# Docker Compose V2
docker compose up -d

Using Tor Bridges

Uncomment the UseBridges and ClientTransportPlugin directives in the config/torrc.

Go to and get some bridges. If it's blocked, you can also use Telegram Bot or write an email to

Add one Bridge directive for each bridge you've got like that:

If you've got two bridges:

obfs4 ABCD cert=xxx
obfs4 BCDE cert=yyy

Add this to your config/torrc (do not forget to replace with real bridge address):

Bridge obfs4 ABCD cert=xxx
Bridge obfs4 BCDE cert=yyy